Past speakers for the Civil War Round Table of Cobb County:


September 1, 2016 Larry Hewitt  “Civil War Myths and Mythmakers”

October 6, 2016 Mark Bradley  “Battle of Bentonville”

November 3, 2016 Steve Davis  “Hood’s Great Attack East of Atlanta”

December 1, 2016 Joseph Rose  “Grant Under Fire: An Exposé of Generalship & Character in the American Civil War”

January 5, 2017 Frye Gaillard  “Journey to the Wilderness”

February 2, 2017 Michael K. Shaffer  “G.M.I.”

March 2, 2017 Gould Hagler  “Georgia Monuments”

April 6, 2017 Ed Bonekemper  “Lincoln and Grant: The Westerners Who Won the Civil War”

May 4, 2017 Brian Wills “Forrest’s Masterpiece: Brice’s Cross Roads, 1864”

June 1, 2017 Robert Girardi  “Civil War Generals: Comrades, Peers, Rivals in Their Own Words”


September 3, 2015 Wendy Venet  “A Changing Wind: Commerce and Conflict in Civil War Atlanta”

October 1, 2015 Tim Smith  “Difficult and Broken Ground: The Terrain Factor at Shiloh”

November 5, 2015 David Evans  “Soldier Comparisons”

December 3, 2015 Bonnie Blue Briana  “Christmas music”

January 7, 2016 Robert Jenkins  “To the Gates of Atlanta”

February 4, 2016 Steve Davis  “Taking Another Look at John Bell Hood”

March 3, 2016 Ethan Rafuse  “Robert E. Lee and the Fall of the Confederacy, 1863-1865”

April 7, 2016 Phillip Whiteman  ‘The Army Sutler–Shyster or Shrewd Businessman? We report, you decide!’

May 5, 2016 Diane Smith  “Fanny and Joshua”

June 2, 2016 Jonathan Noyalas  “Faded… From the Memory of the Average Reader: The Meaning and Legacy of Fisher’s Hill”2014/15


September 4, 2014 Eric Wittenberg “Little Phil: Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley”

October 2, 2014 Tom Schott “Alexander Stephens”

November 6, 2014 Noah Andre Trudeau “Southern Storm: Sherman’s March to the Sea”

December 4, 2014 Christmas Dinner – no speaker

January 8, 2015 Bill Potter “The Great Revivals in the Confederate Armies”

February 5, 2015 Patrick Schroeder “Thirty Myths about Lee’s Surrender”

March 5, 2015 Tom Perry “J.E.B. Stuart”

April 2, 2015 Mark L. Bradley “This Astounding Close: The Road to Bennett Place”

May 7, 2015 Dr. Brian Wills “Forrest, Wilson and Selma”

June 4, 2015 Dr. John Derden “The World’s Largest Prison: The Story of Camp Lawton”


September 13, 2013 Dave Powell “Failure in the Saddle: Nathan Bedford Forrest, Joe Wheeler, and the Confederate Cavalry in the Chickamauga Campaign”

October 3, 2013 Clarke Otten “Civil War in Sandy Springs”

November 14, 2013 David Thompson “Confederates at the Keyboard: Southern Piano Music during the Civil War Era” (Bailey Performng Arts Center)

December 3, 2013 Christmas Dinner – no speaker

January 10, 2014 Greg Biggs “Turning the Tide: The Union Cavalry in the Tullahoma Campaign”

February 6, 2014 Randy Burbage “Hunley”

March 6, 2014 Dan Cone “Last to Join the Fight: The Sixty-Sixth Georgia Infantry”

April 3, 2014 Larry Stephens “John P. Gatewood – Confederate Bushwhacker”

May 1, 2014 Dr. David Evans “Sherman’s Horsemen: Union Cavalry Operations in the Atlanta Campaign”

June 5, 2014 Dr. Cheryl White “Leonidas Polk”


September 6, 2012 Steve Davis “What the Yankees Did to Us: Sherman’s Wrecking of Atlanta”

October 4, 2012 Richard Croker “To Make Men Free: A Novel of the Battle of Antietam”

November 1, 2012 Russell Blount “Clash at Kennesaw”

December 5, 2012 Robert Jones “Christmas Music”

January 10, 2013 Brian McKnight “Champ Ferguson: Confederate Guerrilla”

February 7, 2013 Keith Bohannon “Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart in the 1863 Chancellorsville Campaign”

March 7, 2013 Chris Kolakowski “The Battle of Perryville”

April 4, 2013 Earl Hess “Kennesaw Mountain: Sherman, Johnston, and the Atlanta Campaign”

May 2, 2013 Pickett’s Mill visit

June 6, 2013 Brian Wills “Dorsey Pender”

July 6, 2013 Ed Bearss “The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain”


June 6, 2011 Brian S Wills “The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Battle From the Start”

September 1, 2011 Russell S. Bonds “War Like The Thunderbolt: The Battle and Burning of Atlanta”

October 6, 2011 David Wynn Vaughan “Civil War Images”

November 3, 2011 Wiley Sword “The Confederacy’s Last Hurrah”

December 1, 2011 Brad Quinlin “Letters From Home at Christmas”

January 5, 2012 John Fowler /David Parker “Breaking the Hearthland: The Civil War in Georgia”

February 2, 2012 Gordon Jones “War in Our Backyard”

March 1, 2012 Harper Harris “The Great Locomotive Chase”

April 5, 2012 Michael K. Shaffer “Washington County Virginia in the Civil War”

May 3, 2012 James E. Stallings Sr. “Georgia’s Confederate Soldiers Who Died as Prisoners of War 1861 – 1865”

June 7, 2012 Richard McMurry “The Common Soldier”