1832 – Cobb County formed, becoming the 84th Georgia county.

1833 – Marietta settled.

1834 – Marietta designated the county seat.

1836 – The state of Georgia begins purchasing rights–of-way for the Western and Atlantic Railroad between the Tennessee and Chattahoochee Rivers.

1838 – Springville (later named Powder Springs) and Roswell were established as the second and third Cobb County towns. Big Shanty (later Kennesaw) grows as a settlement of shanties for housing railroad workers. Federal soldiers forcibly relocate almost all the Cherokees to lands in the west.

1840s – The communities of Acworth and Smyrna Camp Ground (later Smyrna) were formed, primarily from railroad stops.

1845 – Trains begin to run from Marthasville (Atlanta) to Marietta.

1850s – The Cobb area experiences significant economic growth as a result of convenient railway transportation as well as abundant cotton harvests and lumber production.

1851 – Georgia Military Institute was established in Marietta, opening to students in July.

December 23, 1854 City of Roswell, Cobb County, incorporated. It is now part of Fulton County

1861 – 1865 – The Civil War: numerous events take place in Cobb County- “Marietta Operations” and “Battle of Kennesaw Mountain”.


  • April 12- The Great Locomotive Chase. The Great Locomotive Chase or Andrews’ Raid. Volunteers from the Union Army stole a train in an effort to disrupt the vital Western & Atlantic Railroad (W&A), which ran from Atlanta to Chattanooga. They were pursued by other locomotives, and the raiders were eventually captured, with some being executed as spies. Some of Andrews’ Raiders became the very first recipients of the Medal of Honor.


1866 – The railroad is rebuilt and manufacturing begins to recover by 1870.


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