The Digital Library contains links to FREE On-Line books that deal with Cobb County in the War. It is excerpted from the CD-ROM, “A Compendium of FREE Civil War Books” which contains links to more than 2,000 Civil War Books which are now available on line for FREE.

Your review of these books will help other researchers. Please take the time to leave a note concerning the titles you find of use.

This library links to PDF versions of the various books. Many are also available in Kindle, EPUB, Text, DjVu, Daisy, and other formats. If you need another format, you can generally Google the title to locate it on-line. If the demand is there, we may start maintaining a version of this page with links directly to the other formats.

Most of these books are quite large – from 20 to 100 megabytes in size and will take several minutes to download on a high speed connection. If you have a dial up connection you can generally not access them, but may consider ordering the CD-ROM version.

Most of these books are also available in print format or on CD-ROM from Eastern Digital Resources.